First Day Fall 2016

Class went very well today. We went over the syllabus then played two truths and a lie. I am afraid I may not have explained the game very well. Many students enjoyed themselves, but I did not receive the boisterous reaction that I have in the past.

I finished my syllabus just in time to print it for class. I am sure it needs work, but I am happy with the revisions that I made and I feel that the students paid attention during the recitation. I prefer to make my students read aloud from texts like that, it seems to keep them more engaged.

I will need to prepare a brief statement about Pearson Writer to help students obtain the application. It seems that only one student has the handbook so far. In contrast, nearly every student has the Emerging textbook or will purchase it today.

Assigning homework at the end of class was easy and did not disturb any of the students (despite the fact that the homework is due on Wednesday). I will finish the schedule tonight or tomorrow and have a printout ready for Wednesday. I prefer to give physical printouts even though I teach in a lab because I feel that students look at them and use them more often. Perhaps for more superfluous handouts I will limit access to Black Board, but important handouts should be physical (and contain as much information as possible to save on waste).

I was most surprised by how alert my students were at the beginning of class. I have never started a class where so many students responded to my “How are we doing today?” inquiry. Hopefully this attitude will last and carry on into our discussions.

I must have succeeded in helping my students feel comfortable in talking to me about their concerns, as I had several approach me at the end of class for help and advice. I assume that by simply reminding them that their concerns are important to me, that I want to help, and that I am here to facilitate their learning experience, must comfort them and make me more approachable.

Overall a good day, now I just have a lot of planning ahead of me in order to pull this all together and make the semester run smoothly.


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